How fast do you get your money’s worth on the Novel Network?

Thank you for visiting a legitimate, no nonsense, Novel Network Review for anybody thinking about this low cost ebook service for any e-Reader. Once I initially discovered “The Novel Network” I was absolutely a little skeptical to how quality the service really was.

The first challenge I ran into is that I couldn’t appear to discover one legitimate evaluation available. Every thing out there is merely some garbage write-up concocted by some ruthless marketer attempting to make a commission. Some of them practically swayed me away from the product by titling their pages “mypadmedia scam” and making me feel this was in fact correct. If you actually read these articles all they are is an advertisement for the product with out any actual information.

Novel Network Review Return Policy

The firm is actually open with their return policy, making no effort to keep the details a secret. You may notice right on the side bar and bottom of the check out screen their 60 day cash back guarantee. It’s great to see a organization displaying their cash back guarantee so proudly as opposed to keeping it a mystery. Generally it is a red flag with most on-line products when they keep return information in tiny print on the very bottom part on the web page.


For your comparatively low cost Novel Network is definitely a solid investment for iPad/iPhone/Kindle/ANY E-READER owners. Utilizing iBooks can begin to place quite the dent inside your pocket with books usually ranging from $15 to $25. As i said in the beginning of the review, most people writing reviews on this product haven’t truly even tried it. You definitely can not get too much facts on a product from somebody that has not even used the product.

Given that I was interested in making use of Novel Network myself immediately after and found so many bogus reviews available I just had to put together this Novel Network review and set the record straight. MyPadMedia is a legit product that may save you tons of dollars on books and media for your iPad. For the incredibly modest cost of $49.95 it’s going to have paid itself off immediately after you’ve read three books. That’s the beauty of this service, it pays for itself in no time and you only have to pay a one-time fee as opposed to an ongoing subscription.

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